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Smart Deal® Events Management Services

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Artistic & Cultural Expressions
United Arab Emirates has a long and ancient history, containing the influences of civilizations and cultural values which has a huge impact on both the person and the place. It's a fantastic world of vide diversity amidst the unity that defines the UAE. Smart Deal Events endeavours to showcase this rich heritage in the events we create that identifies with one or more unique aspect of the global culture we have come to inherit. Feel free to engage us in showcasing unique expressions of fine arts, cinema, dance, photography, literature and much more.

Entertainment Events
Our Talent Management team specializes in efficiently coordinating and facilitating the identification, booking and services of Musicians & Music Bands, be it Asian, Arabic or European, based in UAE or across Middle East or Asian or Western Countries, Performance Artists & Entertainers, Group or Solo performers, Film Stars from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood & Tollywood, Ethnic & Heritage Exhibitions or Fashion Shows. Be it a Concert, Live Music, Musical Performances, Cultural or Lifestyle Events, we will conceptualize, coordinate & execute the performers and the performance - as your representatives, in a time and cost efficient manner.

Corporate Events
Target Audience may be external or internal, connecting with them effectively is crucial to your business. We work as a team with our clients and take on the end-to-end responsibility of conceptualizing, promoting and executing Corporate Meetings, Office Parties, Thematic Get-Togethers and Family Outings in a time and cost efficient manner.

School College & Other Educational Events
Smart Deal Events is focused on empowering the youth of this region and we offer Events solutions for Primary & Secondary Schools as well as Colleges, Universities and other Educational Institution. A wide variety of events are possible which include pure entertainment, group learning, skills enhancement etc., thematic outings etc, write to us with your ideation, requirements and challenges and we shall get back with exactly something you might be looking for.

Recruitment Events
"GULF Jobs" is high on the list of Global Job Seekers and millions visit every year in search for employment, on the other hand, Gulf Employers & Recruiters travel to various Global Hotspots in search of the "right candidates" to meet and interview face-to-face. There are technicalities involved in the entire process in identifying and reaching the target audience to creating and managing the venue to handling the legalities and various other operational processes and formalities. We have a first-hand experience in creating successful Recruitment Events across the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, UK & Aruba (for Latin America). Write to us with your specific requirements and challenges…, we are sure you would like what you hear from us.

Sports & Gaming Events
Smart Deal Events extends its organisational capabilities to hold sporting fixtures and events. Be it Football, Cricket or Online Gaming, our dedicated team can be contacted for a more detailed discussion on the endless possibilities...

Events Production & Execution
Organising and executing events in Dubai & the UAE can get both tricky and taxing. Our Production team and syndicated partners has a vast and varied set of skills, knowledge & experience to ensure the very best in production services to help organise your events well, we also work with large number of syndicated production specialists in identified genres. Our Production service include Exhibition Stands, Audio / Video equipment, Event design and implementation. We also thrive on having the best rates negotiated only for our clients.