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Smart Deal® Executive Search Services

Smart Deal® Executive Search is an independent vertical within our Group of companies that is specialized in hiring senior, executive and other highly specialized positions for our clients. We follow the time tested methodology for executive search
:: Our Process ::
Research... Collaborate... Recruit.

We start by understanding our client organisation, it's positioning, business model, management structure, strategic goals, organisational values and work culture. We try and understand the full organisational hierarchy and especially all linkages with the position we are called to hire.

Obviously this needs close collaboration with the client team at all possible levels, we make it a point that our client servicing team spends the time that is needed for this purpose so that the candidate interface knows exactly what's needed to be downloaded and the questions that needs to be asked. Sometime we are required to assist in creating the job description document for the position, the entire process essentially attempts at finalizing the actual role and deliverables by the candidate and which is agreed to by all the stakeholders, this is important to enable the right hire. During this process, we also make it a point to explore and map the position's career growth within the organisation.

The client collaboration is followed with collaboration amongst our team members, we leverage each other's expertize and strength areas to zero in at the search strategy from across the world or if there are any specific nationality focus.

The broad stages involved are

The Context of Executive Search

Finding the right candidate is not the only function of an Executive Search Firm, until the purpose behind the position is understood fully and explained to the candidate and also matched with his or her career ambitions, there cannot be a correct match. Many a times our clients seek our deep industry wide knowledge to arrive at the right remuneration and incentives to enable the correct hire.

Sourcing / Media plan

The sourcing plan supported with campaign timetable, with the supporting media plan forms a critical component of the Ex-Search Process. The plan takes care of the timelines for each process, identification of the exact candidate target audience, the communication strategy, employer branding aspects and also the implementation plan. All this is possible due to our proprietary framework of processes and contributes to the right hire. Once the client approves of the plan and the same is actioned, the next stage starts.

Candidate Identification & Assessment

With preliminary research within our extensive global database and the response from the media campaign, this stage involves development of an initial candidate list through telephone and live interviews, we assess and develop a shortlist of candidates, ensuring all desired aspects are covered, track record & first level background check done and alignment of candidates' aspirations with the strategic business objectives ensured. A confidential assessment report per candidate is prepared and presented for client review. Client feedback is received and the interview process starts as per agreed requirements.

Search Completion, Final Shortlists, Offers & Acceptance.

Once the final list of candidates, interviewed and approved by client's technical team is received, we ensure and recommend salary and package negotiations in confidential consultation with the client HR team. On receipt of offers, we assist in candidate's acceptance. Considering many of our candidates may be first timers in the Gulf with vastly varied compensation norms & taxation regimes in their home countries, Smart Deal® ensures that they receive full clarifications, breakdowns and assistance in exactly deciphering the client's offer, before final acceptance or rejection. This is the most crucial stage in and our success depends on tactful handling of the offers and acceptance process.

Documentation, Visa Processing & Onboarding

GCC countries have varied expat employment visa regimes and calls for different levels and types of documentation, attestation, credentialing etc. which may involve various ministries and government departments in home countries and the Employer country. Our clients and the candidates enjoy this integral and essential part of our service and our Processing department is fully compliant to handle the trickiest documentation visa processing for candidate onboarding. While the documentation and visa processing is on, our team stays in touch with the candidates to assist and ensure the social, cultural and family integration with the new job / place. Most Senior and first time expat candidates depend on our personalized services and recommendations for family stay, children education and moving of personal effects etc., all of which are inseparable parts of a successful hire and directly impacts the candidate's stay and work output.

Our Sourcing Excellence…

We serve GCC based clients and source from across the Globe with prime focus on following countries.